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LED Luminiel Y-zone patch

LED Luminiel Y-zone patch

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LED Anti-Aging beauty device for Y-zone! 20 min/day for 21 days!

Thanks to Three different Wavelength, our beauty device fights Offensive Odor, Vaginal Dryness, Itching, Whitens your Y-zone, Improves Y-zone Inflammation & Wound (Skin Regeneration) and Strengthen Y-zone Elasticity through Collagen Production. 

Wearable Wireless beauty device with ergonomic design that is easy to wear like a sanitary pad Anytime Anywhere! 

Blue light with 460nm wavelength Reduces Odor and Soothes Skin Problems.

Amber light with 595nm wavelength Improves Y-zone Dryness Itchiness and Pigmentation. 

Red light with 630nm wavelength Improves Elasticity and Promotes Skin Regeneration. 




Shipping & Returns

24-48 Hour Delivery Within The UK. Use “Contact Us” Page For Information Delivery In Other Countries.


Size 68*220*17mm

Net Weight 81g

Care Instructions

Ater Using the Luminiel LED Patch, Wash It In Running Water, Wipe To Dry It And Strore It In The Charging Case (DO NOT Wash The Battery Stick)

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