About Us

After attending the Cosmobeauty 2022 beauty exhibition in Seoul, Korea, where we were introduced to the incredible range of beauty products available, we were captivated by their diversity and quality. However, we soon realized that most of these products were not readily accessible in the UK, our home country. This realization sparked our determination to bridge the gap and bring these exceptional products to the UK market.

Following productive meetings with LinkOptics (parent company of Luminiel) representatives in Korea, we are thrilled to announce that we have become the exclusive distributors and brand representatives of Luminiel in the UK. This exciting partnership grants us the exclusive rights to distribute Luminiel's I-Zone and Y-Zone patches, which have garnered remarkable success since their launch in November 2022.

We are committed to expanding our product range and offering you a wider selection of top-quality beauty solutions. Stay connected with us on social media as we embark on this journey, bringing you all the latest updates and developments. Together, let's uncover the beauty secrets that lie ahead!

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