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LED Patches Luminiel LED light therapy

LED Patches Luminiel LED light therapy

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LED I-zone patches for Anti-Aging. 10 min/day for 21 days! 


Advanced Micro LED Wireless device Penetrates Deep Into Your Skin Without Irritating With Low-Power Amber and Red Lights Rays. 


Amber Light of 595nm wavelength helps with Damaged Skin Regeneration and Brightens Up your Skin.


Red Light of 630nm wavelength Moisturizes with Follagen, Enhances Skin Elasticity by Elastin Production. 



Shipping & Returns

24-48 Hour Delivery Within The UK. Use “Contact Us” Page For Information Delivery In Other Countries.


Size 68*220*17mm

Net Weight 81g

Care Instructions

Ater Using the Luminiel LED Patch, Wash It In Running Water, Wipe To Dry It And Strore It In The Charging Case (DO NOT Wash The Battery Stick)

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